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  • Minecraft Texture Pack | Tantum (Realistic)
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Date : February 21, 2021
Download : download
Location : Germany

Für Minecraft 1.14/1.13/1.12/1.11/1.10/1.9/1.8


The Tantum resource pack from ludik can best be considered a stripped down version of the LUDIPAK. If you don’t know what the LUDIPAK is, it’s basically a realism-focused resource pack from ludik that is well designed, easy to use, and makes the Minecraft game world look classy. However, the issue with LUDIPAK is that you need a high-end computer to get a decent framerate. Tantum has now been developed specifically for those Minecraft players who would like to use LUDIPAK, but don’t have the hardware power to do so. Someone thought about this and came up with a very good solution, great.


Similar to the Texture Pack it was inspired by, Tantum focuses primarily on making things as realistic and accurate as possible. The pack doesn’t try to put as much detail as possible into the textures, but focuses on keeping them smooth but precise. It’s also worth noting that the color palette used by Tantum has been modified a bit compared to the LUDIPAK, but most of the differences are pretty subtle, so you probably won’t notice them until you look closely for them, which most players probably won’t. As for texture quality, the textures are absolutely noise-free, so each of them looks very appealing.

The Tantum resource pack has a resolution of standard 16×16, although it definitely doesn’t appear that way. Despite its low resolution, the texture pack seems to have the detail and quality that one would normally expect from packs with a much higher resolution than usual. According to the developer, the pack is ready.

Credits: ludik